Poultry Services - Leading Hand

  • Become a Supervisor of a Poultry Services Team
  • Gain Responsibility Over a Leading Agriculture Company's Supply
  • Secure Employment in the Region's Best-Performing Industry
A premier agricultural company is hiring a Poultry Services Leading Hand to head a team in their egg-producing branch. Based just outside of Toowoomba, you will ensure that your teams’ tasks are achieved and report to the Poultry Services Manager. Throughout the entire process, you will ensure complete compliance with animal welfare standards and guidelines. In addition to supervisory duties, you will be working “hands on” to complete tasks such as:
  • Moving birds to different sheds as per rearing requirements;
  • Overseeing and completing vaccinations;
  • Cleaning and maintenance of bird sheds as well as equipment; and
  • Completing reports and documentation as required.
Whilst the client would prefer applicants who have worked within the poultry industry, they are primarily seeking individuals who display exceptional supervisory skills and expertise. The successful candidate will also have demonstrated computer skills (particularly in Office Suite), and some level of mechanical aptitude.

The ability to motivate and communicate with a crew will be critical for success in the role. Any proven abilities in this regard will be looked on favourably.

The successful applicant will be provided with remuneration above the standard award and opportunities for overtime. In addition, the job security afforded to many in this industry cannot be overlooked; the client aims to provide their supervisors with career progression pathways in the future.

If you are passionate about the agricultural industry and seek to advance your career in it, this role is an excellent initial role with which to begin; agriculture is the region’s best performing sector, and the advantage in joining its premier company will jump-start your career.

Adherence to the company's strict Drug and Alcohol and Bio-security requirements (including not keeping live birds or pigs) is compulsory.  You must also be willing to submit to all pre-employment testing requirements as applicable.

To apply, please click "Apply". For all enquiries please contact Jamie Smith or Lachlan Kraak on 07 4659 7400 quoting reference number 2651585.