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Social Media is a big deal. Over the last decade, its relevance in both the social and corporate worlds has skyrocketed. Almost every business uses at least one Social Media platform, be that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or one of the many other, smaller-time Medias such as Yammer. LinkedIn has become a must-have in the corporate world......

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One-Way Interviews

24 April 2018

Here at JP Smith are currently trialling software that enables asynchronous interviews. These interviews are more commonly known as “One-Way Interviews” and allow the candidate to perform the interview on their own terms...

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One by-product of the continuing integration of the internet into standard business functions, is the removal of geographic barriers to communication and engagement. In the current age, candidates from all over the world can apply to any of our roles. This provides us with an almost unlimited talent pool with which to service our clients’ needs...

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