Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Opportunity to Forge a Financial Future for a Growing Company
  • Advise on and Manage a Variety of Business Units
  • Central Office - Work Closely with the Director and Management Team
A multi-disciplined organisation (including Civil, Pipeline, Quarrying and Agriculture), based out of the Maranoa and Toowoomba regions, is seeking an experienced Chief Financial Officer. This CFO will assist them in launching their already-profitable business into a new stage of growth, development and expansion. Beginning as a family-owned company, our client has holdings across Queensland and parts of New South Wales, engaging in civil and earthmoving projects, quarry operations, pipeline services, farming and several other complementary and aligned functions.
As a member of the Executive Management Team, your role will involve the:
  • Review, design and implementation of financial and management structures and systems;
  • Provision of strategic and financial advice to the Director and management team;
  • Analysis of expenses, income, profit margins, cost benefit etc;
  • Forecasting of future returns, assets, costs etc;
  • Monitoring of sales and related KPIs;
  • Budgeting and ensuring financial stability of the company; and
  • Review of and advisory regarding feasibility of business ventures.
If you are seeking a CFO level position (or are aspiring to one) and you have the skills, aptitude and ability to take this organisation into the future, this opportunity will provide you reward in both technical and commercial experience and fulfilment. Ideally, your experience will have been with a growing enterprise and, preferably, with an Industrial element. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of enriching/ enhancing a company’s financial operations. You will be able to provide concise, timely and accurate advice/ consultation, have the presence and confidence to manage a small team of accounts staff and be able to think critically and analytically.

If this position is of interest, please submit an application by clicking “Apply”. For all enquiries, please contact Lachlan Kraak or Jamie Smith on 07 4659 7400 quoting reference number 2771912.