Employment Hero - Your HR Help

Manage your HR, payroll and employee benefits all in one place.

Employment Hero (EH) is the easiest way for small and medium businesses to manage their HR, payroll and employee engagement and benefits in Australia. In short, Employment Hero is a cloud-based program that can link with your accounting system and manage all your staff and HR matters. What’s more, your staff can help manage their own functions, thus reducing your workload.

JP Smith is your local Employment Hero specialist. We can advise, implement and manage your EH needs. For a one-off implementation cost and then an ongoing monthly fee (per staff member), you can take a lot of the administration, compliance and research issues out of your day to day management schedule.

Employment Hero empower small and medium businesses and their people with the tools, processes and benefits that make work-life easier, more rewarding and growth-supporting. The sort normally only available for big businesses.

  • Be more efficient in your day-to-day.

Their customers tell them that they save them 80% of their administration time by automating manual tasks and auto-populating data across the platform. They also help them avoid double data entry and the risk of human error. 

  • Be confident you’re compliant.

With a library of compliant contracts, policies and built-in award interpretation that are constantly reviewed by Employment Hero’s team of employment specialists, they help businesses be more confident that they're doing the right thing for their employees and compliant with Fair Work.

  • Engage and reward your team.

Engaged employees make the best employees so Employment Hero make it simple for you to make sure your team is engaged with features like announcements, performance reviews and goal setting. They’ll also feel rewarded with Employment Hero’s unique WorkLife features.

There's even an App that your staff can download and manage their own details, leave requests and assist in preparing for their performance review.

Employment Hero help hundreds of businesses and thousands of their employees every day.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce time spent on administration & increase productivity
  • Links with most existing accounting systems
  • Dramatically improve compliance with employment regulations
  • Create a single source-of-truth for HR data
  • Decide how you work with anywhere, anytime access
  • Improve employee experience: culture, employee engagement & retention

JP Smith can conduct a HR Audit for your business once the EH implantation is complete at an additional cost. We will be able to easily assess your policies, contracts and salaries or wages among other areas. By JP Smith and EH working together, this will see time managed more effectively in your business and ours, therefore allowing you to focus your attention to other areas.

HR Audits are one example of a benefit of our partnership that can assist your business now and in the future.

If you would like to know more, please contact one of our HR Champions on 07 4659 7400 or 07 3333 2200 or service@jpsmith.com.au!