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5 Reasons You Can Have A PR Degree and Succeed in HR

Public Relations is used by corporations to communicate with external stakeholders. So, how can a degree in PR assist someone in becoming a successful Recruiter? Here is a list of 5 skills that both PR and HR have in common.


  1. People Skills

Without knowledge of how to interact with people; finding out their desires, skills, beliefs and practices, you will struggle to succeed in either field. How effectively you learn this about someone will affect your ability to provide the right solution, narrative or potential job proposition.

  1. Communication Skills

As with any aspect of business, written and verbal communication are necessary skills to possess. In PR and HR, you need to be able to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders efficiently and effectively.

  1. Problem Solving Skills

In PR, you are often presented with a problem by a company and required to develop a solution. In recruitment, a company will come to you with a problem – a vacant position – and require you to offer a solution – a suitable candidate.

  1. Keen knowledge of Human Behaviour

This is very similar to people skills. However, listening to and understanding a person’s body language are two different skillsets. In PR, knowing when people are uncomfortable, lying or just agreeing with you is important to be able to detect. Picking up on similar traits within an interview can also help steer the conversation towards the truth, or away from discomfort.

  1. Have an ear to the ground, be a fly on every wall and have the ability to know when to act

At first glance this may seem a bit off the money for HR. In PR, it’s a fairly literal notion. To be successful you need an ear to the ground to know the perceptions of the majority, you need to be a fly on the wall in every meeting held and, most importantly, you need to know the exact moment you should act or take a step back. In essence, you need to combine all the skills above and be ready to take action at any moment.

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