Recruitment Services

JP Smith Recruitment and Human Resources provides a transparent Executive Search service that adheres to both the highest corporate ethical standards and open-door philosophies whilst still maintaining discretion and diplomacy. Gone are the days where Executive Recruitment happened in secret, behind closed doors and centralised on an individual’s personal networks. We conduct a comprehensive executive search across your whole sector, finding you the best executive for the job and for your organisation. At the same time however, we respect that many organisations require discretion when searching for their next executive. As such our approach combines our exhaustive search methodologies, whilst maintaining the upmost confidentiality and integrity. We act as an extension of your organisation and encourage collaboration, growth, high performance and success in your employees and executives. Likewise, we embolden open communication, honesty and trust right from the get-go, to lay down the foundations of healthy, enduring professional relationships between executives and the Board.

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HR Services

Effective Human Resource Consulting can guarantee that your HR matters get handled the right way, the first time.

Human Resource Management can be a confusing, seemingly disjointed area of your business at best, and a litigious minefield at worst – many pitfalls can be avoided by enlisting a HR Consultancy Service that specialises in the complex arena this management function has become.

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Psychological Services

Psychological testing and profiling is a proven tool which can be utilised in order to gain access to a person's behaviour and performance ability. Though including such testing has only recently taken a foothold in the Human Resource and Recruitment sector, the method has quickly proven itself as a reliable and accurate predictor of how an employee will fit into a given business.

While it is tempting to assume sufficient information will be gained during an interview… Unfortunately, this sentiment could not be further from the truth. As the workforce decreases tenure time of service to an organisation, individuals are becoming more practiced and more skilled at the interviewing process.

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Career Services

JP Smith are at the forefront of the Toowoomba job market. Our recruitment and employment agency specialises in assisting people with their career change needs and can provide a confidential discussion with you to find the best position, with the best package and the best career options. We regularly update our Positions page on our website to give you the latest careers, employment and jobs in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs, with our clients.

We can also assist you with finding the right skills and attributes and abilities that you currently have. Our vocational and employment testing packages can be tailored exactly and will give you a detailed written report as to your strengths and weaknesses and where your natural abilities lie.

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