At different times in their life cycles, businesses can find themselves in the difficult position of having to make positions redundant.

It is obvious the move will impact on those people who lose their jobs. But there can also be a significant impact on the staff who remain with the organisation.

JP Smith Recruitment and Human Resources and our team of Human Resource Professionals and Organisational Psychologists can assist your business:

  • Ensure redundancy is the right option for the business;
  • Follow the correct legislative procedures;
  • Use effective internal communication;
  • Offer Employee Assistance Programs (including Counselling); and
  • Offer Career Support to displaced employees (resume preparation, job search and interviewing skills).

Without decisive and deliberate action, the flow-on effects can be highly damaging for an organisation in terms of retained staff, wondering if they have a future or whether they will be next and staff morale will often take a hit.

Public Relations management will be an important element both internally and externally. Staff who are treated with respect and dignity in the exit process are more likely to speak highly of your business. Likewise, staff who see your business acted fairly and was supportive in its dealings with all parties, are more likely to feel secure and satisfied to remain in the team.

While your organisation might not need certain staff currently, in the future you may want to attract one of these people back to your team. To do this, you must have left them with a positive sentiment about the way you dealt with them.

One way to demonstrate fairness and respect is to involve an external professional firm to assist both those who are leaving and those who are staying, to deal with the process.

JP Smith will assist you through the minefield of outplacement tasks and ensure not only that the departing staff member is adequately cared for, but your retained staff are confident to remain with the organisation for the future.