Happy Clients at by JP Smith Toowoomba
BEC Feed Solutions are glad to have JP Smith provide such professional and highly skilled consultancy and advice to our business. They have helped take our recruitment and retention to another level, and we are proud to be associated with the JP Smith team. Brett Antonio
Managing Director
BEC Feed Solutions www.becfeedsolutions.com.au
Psychological evaluation as a post-hire exercise has proven an extremely valuable management tool for our business. A recent addition to our team presented the need to reconsider management style in line with both the new role and the individual. We wanted insights into ‘on the road work’ realities, whether micro or macro management was more suited to the team member, methods to ensure the employee continued to feel connected to the rest of the team and an appropriate timing of goals. The evaluation and report process has provided tangible information and insights we have been able to openly discuss with the employee in configuring a mutually acceptable and beneficial weekly plan with goals and contact intervals. Having the confidence that we are providing the right level of management support and at the right times, has proven invaluable – knowing to not over-manage this team member has demonstrated an immediate and noticeable effect on performance as well as freeing up support time to direct into other areas of the business. The exercise covered its cost in productivity gains alone within the first week. Adam Byatt
Indigo Web www.indigowebdesign.com.au/
Being the owner of a small business, I have to wear several hats and do many tasks. I learnt early on in business that to be successful, I need to concentrate on the tasks that I excel at and outsource the tasks that are not my strength. Outsourcing my recruitment duties to Jamie Smith of JP Smith Recruitment & HR has been a wise investment for my business. I am open to the thorough fact-finding performed of my business knowing that JP Smith are going to great lengths to ensure their service is aligned to my business goals and objectives. It is comforting to know that Jamie and his team are only a phone call away for all our HR and recruitment needs. Naomi Alletson
AchieveIt Financial Planning www.achieveitfp.com.au
JP Smith Recruitment has played a significant role in providing Easternwell Group with highly trained and motivated staff. Psychological testing and profiling has proved invaluable in providing us with staff whom "best fit" within our organisation’s professional culture. Every aspect of the JP Smith Recruitment experience has been of the highest standard, from the attention to detail and thoroughness in screening candidates, to the expert Recruitment Consultants, who continue to understand our business needs and exceed our expectations. Easternwell’s commitment to people, motivation, and new ideas continues to guide the way for Easternwell Group to become a leader in the Australian energy industry into the future and we take this opportunity to thank JP Smith Recruitment, for their specialist advice and ongoing support in attaining such high calibre staff. Col Watson
Chief Operating Officer
Easterwell Group www.easternwell.com.au
We work with JP Smith because of the excellent service received, the speed and competency in which our questions or concerns are dealt with and the professionalism of the staff. Laura Stripeikis
Administrator Manager
Neurosensory Unit www.nsu.com.au
Shaver Shop has been using JP Smith Recruitment and HR since we opened in Toowoomba. I have always found the candidates presented to us to be of the highest quality and well suited to the positions they are applying for. In all my dealings with JP Smith Recruitment and HR I have found them to be highly professional and good to their word. I would recommend them to anyone. Ben De Vaus
Shaver Shop www.shavershop.com.au
Jamie has been virtually exclusively recruiting for our business for over 3 years. During that time his passion and committment to our business has been outstanding. He spends the time to understand our needs, our people, and our business which results in a more tailored service. Our recruitment process and results have been vastly improved since we have been working with Jamie and his team. John Moncrieff
Calibre Accountants www.calibreadvisors.com.au
As a long standing client of JP Smith Recruitment and Human Resources, I would like to thank your team for their ongoing professionalism and quality service delivery. Even though I work in local government, I have over the past 4 years needed to call on the services of a profesional recruitment and human resources management company. In most cases, I have required external services to address or undertake some very complex human resources management issues. In all my dealings with your firm, I have found the knowledge of all members of staff to be beyond reproach, especially in specialist or technical advice. I am a great supporter of testing, both practical skills and psych, and the service you provide has ensured a number of quality recruitment decisions. I wish the team at JP Smith well in the next chapter of business and look forward to working you in again in the future. Debra Howe
Acting Director
Toowoomba Regional Council www.toowoombaRC.qld.gov.au
Amalgamated Pest Control has a diverse geographical spread, coupled with diverse recruitment and human resources needs. JP Smith Recruitment and HR have provided us with a rigorous recruitment and selection procedure for our middle to senior staff, across the country. We have relied upon them to provide an in-depth and candid appraisal on the individuals who are about to join the organisation and we find the process to be reliable and consistent. We have also used their human resource consulting services and have found that it has provided genuine, bottom-line advantages to the organisation as a whole and has been embraced by all who have come into contact with it. Mick Farr
General Manager
Amalgamated Pest Control www.amalpest.com.au
Simplicity Australia is a manufacturing business that's key functions include complete manufacturing processes, full product design, administration, sales and marketing. All of this to produce a product range for our domestic and international customers. I have worked with Jamie for a number of years and consider him an important Human Resource asset to Simplicity, specifically when it comes to seeking and employing leaders in our business. Having a trained and systematic approach, with their open and honest style makes this process productive and enjoyable. We trust and recommend JP Smith for the all important selection process, but also in HR management advice to set new directions, attitudes and approaches in the most important part of our business - people. Troy Law
Simplicity Australia Pty Ltd www.simplicityaus.com.au/
Jamie has been a trusted business partner of NGR’s for many years. What makes Jamie stand out as being “not just another HR Advisor” is his capability to size up the situation, provide an objective opinion accompanied by insightful advice and invaluable guidance. His team are always helpful, knowledgeable and provide us with the support that we require. As a small business JP Smith is an integral part of our business’s needs, providing recruitment and HR advice on a regular basis. Based on the service that is consistently provided I would not hesitate to recommend Jamie and the team at JP Smith HR & Recruitment to anyone looking to take their HR and recruitment to that next level. Debbie Newmarch
General Manager
National Grower Register Pty Ltd www.ngr.com.au/Site/
FKG are a company with a proud family and values based culture and make every effort to ensure our recruitment activities lead us to like minded candidates. Jamie and the team at JP Smith have worked with FKG for a number of years and have always demonstrated the same commitment to achieving these qualities in our candidates. They continuously approach our temporary and permanent placements with professionalism and efficiency, and provide a genuinely thorough service on each occasion, regardless of how challenging the role is. FKG take comfort in knowing we always receive a high quality service and a truly customer focussed approach from Jamie and his team. Hayley Hubbard
Human Resources Manager
FK Gardner Group www.fkg.com.au/
The team at JP Smith made everyone feel comfortable with open communication throughout the whole process. I felt confident that all parties were being looked after very well from start to finish. Bruce Shelton
Practice Principal
Altitude Wealth Solutions altitudews.com.au/
JPS, and Sophie in particular, provided a professional prompt recruitment drive for us and were spot on with their candidate vetting – Psych testing was another layer of comfort for our fit and longevity concerns. Pat O'Connor
Financial Advisor
GTH Financial Planning www.gthgroup.com.au/