A good 360° review is an essential part of assessing your management team. Feedback from the people working under a manager is highly valuable in determining the true effectiveness of them as individuals and as managers.


Questions to be considered in a review include:

  • Could current leadership be responsible for any downturn in business?
  • Has your organisations morale and productivity declined?
  • Are managers leading at all?


If a manager is not truly leading the people reporting to them, chances are other aspects of business are being allowed to fall behind as well.

This is why leadership and 360° reviews are intrinsically linked; the crux of leadership is being able to inspire, motivate, coach and encourage the people around you. A true review will reveal how well this is being done in your organisation.

JP Smith is an accredited facilitator of the Hogan 360° Report. It is a comprehensive multi-rater feedback tool designed to help leaders gain a better understanding of how they are perceived by managers, peers, direct reports and others. The Hogan 360° is used by a variety of key industry players including Toyota, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, General Electric, Qantas, NAB and McDonalds.

The Hogan 360° questionnaire follows a leadership model and captures confidential feedback, to provide a powerful insight into management performance.

There are various stories about awkward 360° and management reviews, which have not been executed correctly and have gone terribly wrong. Often the person who is being reviewed has received less than flattering feedback and taken this to heart, failing to see the positives and missing the opportunity to develop their skills in order to become a better leader.

Enlisting JP Smith for this service however ensures your 360° reviews are a fully-facilitated process that encourages the person to capitalise upon strengths and comprehend the areas that they need to develop, in order to be more effective.

After all, good leaders get great bottom line results. Our 360° review process will ensure you have all the tools needed to best position your leadership team for success.