Whether you are challenged with writing or cannot organise your ideas, experiences and qualifications into a succinct fashion, writing a resume can be a very difficult process. It must not be taken for granted however as a good resume will secure you an interview for your dream job or set you apart from other applicants. We have a team of experienced and articulate consultants who are passionate about writing and are able to provide you with a high quality and competent resume that will put you forward to prospective employers in your best light. More importantly, our consultants review dozens of resumes every day and know what stands out to employers and hiring managers.



In our Resume Editing service, we will edit and refresh your existing resume. We will go over your existing resume, looking at what works well and what might be holding you back from securing a job interview.

Our Consultants will work on your resume themselves, presenting you with a polished resume within five working days, in both Word and PDF documents.

This service is suited to people who would like their current resume tweaked, or those with a long resume that would like it reduced to two, three or four pages.



JP Smith has an online Resume Building Service that can be easily accessed at any time. We will send you a link which will allow you to enter the information you would like included on your new resume. Our Consultants will then work on your resume themselves, presenting you with a polished resume within five working days, in both Word and PDF documents.

This service is designed for people who would like a complete resume transformation (or those that don’t have a resume to begin with) and also need assistance with writing a cover letter. We will present you with a complete, two, three or four page resume outlining your best skills and abilities as well as providing a snapshot of your career history. The service also includes the preparation of a generic cover letter, which can be tailored to a particular job of your choice.

Please note that positions requiring a response to specific selection criteria, such as governmental positions, cannot be incorporated within the service.



In a competitive job seeker market, employers often turn to LinkedIn to screen applicants prior to contacting them. They may even use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool to assess the market, before posting an advertisement for the job. The need for a LinkedIn profile is becoming more and more relevant and you will find that most business professionals will have a presence on the popular networking site. Creating a LinkedIn profile can often be quite overwhelming however, so we have designed a service to assist you in this process. Combined with a resume building session, this service will put you at the forefront of the jobseeker market.



For Executive or C-level positions, a traditional, chronological resume often will not suffice. You must demonstrate how you will provide value and solve business problems, using quantifiable evidence such as specific processes made more efficient, or percentages of increased revenue or market penetration. Our consultants are experienced in executive recruitment and know what questions to ask in order to probe such information from you. It is also important to portray your own “personal brand” to prospective Board Members, CEOs or Hiring Managers and we can help you refine this.



Do you get nervous at the thought of having to sell yourself in a job interview? Or are you finding that you are being interviewed for positions but not getting past this stage? Regardless of the positions you are going for, our team of recruitment consultants will simulate a structured interview process for you, asking the hard questions and preparing you for the interview environment. Following the simulation, we will then provide you with feedback on what you did well and what you could improve upon, giving you greater confidence and increasing your chances of success.

For more information about any of our career services, please call 07 4659 7400 and a member of our team will be delighted to assist you.