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Communication, Now and Moving Forward

Communication has been a talking point this year as people have found themselves not seeing family and friends as much and social interactions being limited due to the pandemic situation.

Whilst checking in with loved ones and neighbours has been more broadly spoken about, it is also an essential part of businesses, especially in an uncertain time. Communication is a huge part of our jobs and we have been particularly mindful about keeping communication flowing between us, our clients and our candidates.

Whilst checking in by phone, email and video calls is all communication, in a time such as now, we believe it is important to keep communication channels wide open and be as forthcoming with information to your staff as possible. We also understand many, if not all of you have had to make sacrifices this year and on some occasions, this may have included reducing your staff levels.

Whilst reducing your staff numbers is not a pleasant aspect of HR, it is an aspect that businesses deal with and it does not have to be a dreaded, negative function. At JP Smith, we offer an Outplacement Service and can assist in making this process more manageable for everyone involved - the obvious impact is on the people who lose their jobs, but there can also be a significant impact on the staff who remain with the organisation.

‘Public relations’ is a very important element both internally and externally. Staff who are treated with respect and dignity in the exit process are more likely to speak highly of your business. Likewise, staff who see that your business is being fair and supportive in its dealings with everyone are more likely to feel secure and satisfied to remain in the team. In this way, providing your displaced and ongoing staff with support can minimise the potentially negative implications for your business in the community. Don’t forget too, that while your organisation might not need staff at the moment, in the future you may want to attract one of these people back to your team. To do this, you need to make sure that they feel positively about the way you have dealt with them.

One way to demonstrate this fairness and respect is to involve a professional firm such as JP Smith to assist both those who are leaving and those who are staying though the process. Our team of Human Resource professionals and Organisational Psychologists can assist your business through:

• Internal Communication

• Employee Assistance Programs (Counselling)

• Career Support (resume preparation, job search and interviewing skills)

Whilst we hope that the employment market is slowly regaining some normalcy, if you have any questions about our service or how to approach your staffing matters now or in the future, please phone our office on 07 4659 7400. We wish you and your business a fruitful remainder of 2020 and a prosperous new year.

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