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Encouraging a Positive Working Culture

We all know a positive work place creates higher staff motivation and morale, which in turn, leads to greater productivity and output. We all know that a positive work place leads to happier staff, which then increases employee retention which can help reduce turnover costs.

So, how then do we create this positive working culture?

Following, is a list of ideas which you can implement in your own businesses to encourage a positive working culture:

  • Respect your Staff – This statement is a major factor in creating a positive environment for you and your staff. If you, as the manager and business owner respect your staff, they will respect you and your business. Respect can be shown in a number of forms including taking the time to talk to your staff, being approachable and giving praise and constructive feedback on their job performance.
  • Give your Staff a Voice – Have regular team meetings and allow staff to be open and honest about expressing their ideas for improvement. Listen to their thoughts and take all reasonable ideas into consideration.
  • Be Flexible - A workplace that offers some degree of flexibility is sure to heighten morale in the workplace and encourage a positive working culture. Flexibility can mean different things for different people. It could be offering an RDO or TOIL for those that work longer hours. It could be giving your staff the opportunity to attend appointments if needed or taking a longer lunch break. Just remember, your staff have lives outside of work and if they have the opportunity to have flexibility at work, it may see them being more productive and positive during work time.
  • Have a Social Club – Give your staff the opportunity to socialise outside of work by holding a number of different functions throughout the year. Allow your staff to have input into activities as this is a good way to boost team morale and increase positive relationships and culture within the workplace.
  • Offer Incentives and Bonuses – This does not have to mean financial incentives and/or bonuses but could be something as small as having a box of chocolates or fruit basket in the lunch room to reward hard work. You could combine the incentives with flexibility in the workplace and offer an early mark or late start to the top performer for the month.

The above factors don’t have to cost your business money, in fact, by implementing one or all of the ideas above, you could find that you save money by keeping your staff happy and motivated, therefore increasing retention rates and productivity. By following these simple ideas, it will soon become evident that a positive working culture exists in your workplace. 

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