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Goal Setting the SMART way

Being motivated to get things done can be difficult when you have a long list of things to do. Goal setting is a great way to keep you motivated and focused on an end target. The SMART goal setting theory can be a great tool for both managers and employees to achieve their targets efficiently.  A SMART goal has to be: 

Specific - Don’t generalise your goal setting, ensure that is clear and has some sort of procedure;

Measurable - Make sure you know how to determine if your goal has been achieved;

Attainable - Give yourself realistic goals, there is no use wanting to be a pilot if you don’t like flying;

Relevant - Keep it task focused and something that gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction once accomplished;

Time-bound - Give yourself a time-frame as a motivator to work effectively.

Make sure you write down your goals so that you have them as a future reference. If you find it difficult to accomplish goals, ask for assistance from someone who can keep you accountable and check-in with you every so often and provide support when you need it. By following the SMART technique you’ll be on track for achieving your 2015 goals, instead of watching another year go by.

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