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How can I get these benefits for my organisation?

JP Smith’s Executive Search package is proven to assist a company source leaders with the skills, attitude and ‘fit’ that your organisation needs. Based upon ‘best practice’ methodologies, the Executive Search will gather the top candidates from your industry and assess their fit for your company.

Our Psychological testing provides a good platform with which to assess a cultural fit; our registered Psychologist will take a personality profile of your Director (or Directors) and use this in conjunction with the advanced testing used to assess the Executive Candidate. A 360 Degree Review, along with the 12-month retention guarantee, will ensure that you have the right person in the role to maintain continued success and growth.

For a considered, practical and insightful approach to gathering the talent needed to lead your company into the future, contact us to see how good leadership can benefit your business. Call us on (07) 4659 7400. 

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