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How to Motivate Your Staff for the New Year

Here are 4 helpful tips on how to re-energized and motivated your staff for the new work year. 

  1. Set Targets and Goals: Give your staff something to work towards each day/week/month and reward them for their efforts if these are reached
  2. Have Team Meetings: Get your team together once a week to discuss anything new that has happened or any issues they would like to air
  3. Ask You Staff for Feedback: Ask your staff for feedback and any ideas they have for how their work environment can be improved, what they would like to see implemented or changed and how they feel about work and their role
  4. Organise Work Social Events: If you don’t already have a Social Club at work it might be a good time to start one. Ask your staff for input about how much they think is fair to contribute each month and start planning an event. It could be as simple as a BBQ or you may like to organise an outing to Bare Foot Bowls for example.
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