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The team at JP Smith Recruitment & HR work hard to find suitable candidates who are motivated to stay in your company and thrive. However, as an employer, are you doing your part? When was the last time that you reviewed your HR Management practices? After all, the effective management of your human capital is key to staff retention. Although there are many elements that work together to retain and motivate staff, here are the top 5, (in no particular order!):

  1. Recognise your people’s performance;
  2. Have a strong positive culture (e.g., collaborative culture – this can be defined by your values);
  3. Encourage diversity;
  4. Have clear and compelling objectives and strategies; and
  5. Emphasise employee development.

These top 5 elements, among others, complement each other to create a great workplace environment. That said, it is no secret that ticking all the boxes will not retain every single team member, due to external forces. For example, family commitments and lifestyles changes can sometimes pull employees away. Nevertheless, often great candidates know what they are worth and want to work for great employers and great companies. Hence, it is important to have the strategies in place before you appoint your next hire and further, make sure that you are advertising yourself as an “employer of choice”. Additionally, by advertising the fact that you are committed to retaining employees, you will boost your company’s branding, which leads to a larger pool of candidates to choose from. Many people will be aware of the working conditions within your business and will seek to work for you.

If you don’t know where to start, or perhaps need to refine some of your processes that are already in place, the team at JP Smith are ready to help. We have extensive experience transforming and moulding businesses into “employers of choice” and have seen firsthand the effect that this has on not only staff turnover, but also the company’s bottom line. If you require any assistance, we would be happy to help.


Valezka Ocando

Recruitment and HR Consultant 

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