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Job Advertisements – Our Top 3

Job advertisements are exactly that – your opportunity to advertise and market why someone should come and work in your business!

To get the best response from your advertisement, you need to make sure you are appealing to a diverse audience.

Here are the top three things to consider to increase diversity and up your marketing game!

1 – Length

In today’s world, you can expect your future employees first contact with your advertisement to be on a mobile device. Therefore, it makes sense to avoid big lengthy paragraphs and instead keep it simple and punchy. 600-700 words is a good guide and try to keep your sentences shorter than 13 words.

2 – Get to the Point!

Advertising response data and previous research has found a few trends. Women tend to only apply for roles that they meet all the criteria for. Men will apply even if they only meet 60% of the criteria. Keep your advertisements open and try to only have 1/3 of the advertisement focused on dot points. Advertisements are meant to attract - not be a comprehensive outline of all functions someone will ever perform.

3 – Be personal

Use personal pronouns like “You” and “We” to create a connection. People are motivated by more than money and personalisation makes them feel welcome. It gives insight into the culture of a business and goes beyond the role duties.

Writing effective job advertising is a skill that takes care and consideration. The above tips are a great starting point, and we are always here to help if you want to take your engagement to the next level.

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