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Keeping the Ball Rolling on the Recruitment Process

As recruiters, it is our role to source quality candidates for our clients. Depending on the role, this process can take anywhere from hours to weeks. Once a Shortlist of suitable candidates is found and forwarded through to our clients for their perusal, our role does not end. It is our responsibility to maintain contact with both clients and candidates and to ensure that we, and our clients are “Keeping the Ball Rolling on the Recruitment Process.”

Following are some suggestions on “How” you can manage this process to assist you in carrying the Recruitment process through in a timely manner.

  • Once you receive the Shortlist, take time to read through it and if needed, talk to JP Smith about the candidates to gain our recommendations and discuss any queries that you may have. We can give you feedback on any initial questions and queries that you may have to assist in the interview process.
  • Decide who you would like to interview and with our assistance, we can arrange times and locations.We can then keep the candidates informed and arrange interviews to suit both parties.
  • Once the interviews have taken place, we like to discuss your thoughts on the candidates and ascertain your point of view. We do this to discover certain strengths and weaknesses you may feel they have and your thoughts on the candidate’s overall suitability for the role. By maintaining contact with the candidates we can assess their genuine interest in the role and determine if they would proceed if successful.

By carrying out this process in a timely manner we have the best chance of ensuring your candidates remain “on the market.” High quality candidates usually have multiple options and it is up to us as recruiters and you as our clients to work together to keep the ball rolling on this process.  Our focus is to ensure you receive the Brightest and the Best candidate that suits your needs and in doing this we need to work together, building a strong and successful business relationship, to Keep the Ball Rolling on the Recruitment Process.

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