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Misfire of Technology When Recruiting

As many business owners and managers would know, the internet can be a valuable tool when recruiting. But when does overuse or misuse of the tools at our fingertips (quite literally) become too much or too overwhelming?

Simply posting a job advertisement on your business Facebook page, while it seems like a quick and easy solution, it could expose you to a lower quality of candidates. The sheer volume of applications could also become extremely time consuming all for no reward.

Given the new algorithms, you could open yourself up to receiving applications from anywhere in the world. While this might be a good option for some Global companies or specific roles, it could result in another laborious task.

Similarly, while Job Search platforms are cost effective, this can be a very onerous task. Given the current economic climate, there is an extremely high number of candidates applying for each role advertised – and it does not necessarily mean they have the qualifications to fulfil the role! Many business owners and managers find it hard to assess each and every one of the applications. This could mean the prime candidate is overlooked given the mammoth task of screening each resume.

The first step to the recruiting and onboarding process is to identify the business requirements and capabilities. At JP Smith Recruitment & Human Resources, we can do that for you.

JP Smith Recruitment & Human Resources specialises in a complete range of recruitment and human resource solutions. We are a locally owned and operated business who have been providing the Darling Downs and Brisbane regions with exceptional recruitment and staffing solutions since 2004. 

Our success in permanent recruitment and human resources draws upon strong foundations in practical and real-world business practices and expertise. All consultants are tertiary qualified in business, human resource management and/or psychology and are committed to achieving the best results for clients that positively contribute to their organisation’s bottom line.

We take a unique approach to permanent recruitment, combining our expertise in business, Human Resource Management, and psychology to ensure we connect you with individuals who deliver results in your organisation now and in the future.

If you have any questions regarding Recruitment or your Human Resource Management, please contact our office on (07) 4659 7400.

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