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Outplacement - An important service to consider

During periods of temporary workload increase, the justification for hiring permanent staff can be difficult.

Equally problematic is the over-burdening of existing staff during fluctuations in their workloads when relief is not available.

It would be no surprise, then, the popularity of hiring outsourced temporary staff to work as part of in-house teams is on the increase.

The employment process, even for temporary in-house staff, can take weeks. Suitable candidates need to be considered, interviews conducted, offers made, acceptance received and, finally, the on boarding process. Sometimes, this can take longer than the temporary demand lasts.

Outsourcing your temp-staff allows an almost instant reprieve whilst retaining management control of employees directly, as distinct from the loss of direct control experienced when outsourcing entire operational tasks.

When hiring external staff through a temp provider, your business pays a fixed hourly rate.

Suitable staff are tasked to work directly for you, at your place of business and all HR and payroll-related matters, including wage payment, PAYG tax payments, superannuation and other paperwork, are handled by your provider. Temps are employed by the provider freeing your existing staff from the burden of additional HR tasks allowing your team to concentrate on meeting the service demands that caused the temp-hire decision in the first place.

Who works as temporary staff?

Many temp-staff have family commitments that make having a consistent 9-5 role impractical. Others may have decided to wind-down from full-time work and enter semi-retirement, are between roles having been made redundant or have recently seen a fixed contract to its end and are available for another fixed or temporary placement.

The credentials of temporary staff can often match and exceed those of candidates looking for permanent work as the very nature of temp-placement means exposure to a wide variety of tasks and a well-developed ability to pick up new procedures quickly.

How much do temporary staff cost?

As with most employment, it depends of the exact role being filled and the credentials of the individual candidate.

However, as a general rule, the cost is less than double the hourly rate of an equivalent full-timer – this represents good value when the hiring process, casual loadings, holiday loadings and all other costs are accounted for.

Best of all, this is for a fully casual, flexible hire that is virtually on demand as the need increases and able to be reduced when the need eases.

We have a list of available temping staff across a range of industries with proven abilities to provide effective, efficient and productive work in temporary situations.

Our list of temporary staff candidates are pre-vetted, ready to start with short lead-times and are dependable proven workers. Contact us to discuss your needs today.

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