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Utilising Behavioural Interviewing Techniques

Conducting interviews with prospective candidates for a position can be a daunting task. Whether it is an interview following screening by a recruitment company or a full recruitment exercise run by your organisation, it is imperative that you are adequately prepared to find out the most relevant information from your candidates.

One of the best techniques used to draw specific and relevant information from your candidates is Behavioural Interviewing. The reason for this is because it allows the candidate to draw on real-life experience to explain how they tackle various issues in the workplace.

One of the best examples of Behavioural Interview questioning is to give your candidates questions that include multiple parts. This not only provides you, as an interviewer, with a greater depth of understanding into your candidate’s abilities but also provides you with an insight into their active listening skills, comprehension and retention.  An example of a Behavioural Interview question, including multiple parts is:     

“Provide us with an example of when you have had to manage your time to reach a tight deadline. What techniques did you use to manage your time effectively, what road-blocks did you come across along the way, how did you work around these and what was the outcome?”

It may seem long-winded, but if answered correctly, it will provide you with a strong indication of the candidate’s abilities.  The points to look for in the candidate’s answers are how they outline the situation, how they explain themselves (logically, methodically) and how they relate the situation to one that may be faced in the new position.

A Behavioural Question, like the example provided above can be tailored to suit all roles and specific competencies. Take the time to think about the position you are interviewing for and the critical criteria of the role. By doing this you can then develop Behavioural Questions that will provide you with the greatest insight into your candidates skills, abilities and past working history.

At JP Smith, as part of our recruitment service to our clients, we can assist you with developing a set of Behavioural Interview Questions which can be asked during your interviews with Short-Listed candidates. Please call us for more information on how JP Smith can assist you and your business in all aspects of the recruitment process.

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