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What’s Your Work Model?

Over the last two years, people have questioned more than ever the type of work they do, where they do it and when they do it.

While not every business has the luxury of offering complete flexibility – goods and services still need to be transacted; looking at how your business is structured can help to set the boundaries of what is possible and allow you to emphasise the strengths of this structure.

We recommend reading the Deloitte – Re-Architecting Work Models report through this link. It looks at two spectrums of work “When and Where” and “How and What.” This gives four different styles of structure that business operate within.

While it is “on trend” to believe that allowing workers ultimate flexibility is the only way forward, the other work models have a lot of benefits as well. For example, if your business falls in the “Stable, Secure and Social” box, where there is limited flexibility to choose where, when, how and what – this means your employees are always going to be at the same location and have united business goals. In this work model – being able to provide social connection will help engage staff and make them want to stay.

There are many other helpful suggestions in this article that might get you thinking about how your business is structured and how you can turn this into a strength for your recruitment.

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