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Why Job Ads are Attracting Fewer Applications

Recently, job advertisements are receiving fewer applications. Since the pandemic, applications via Seek have dropped 15%. This is a large amount and may resonate with recent business frustrations of finding the right candidate. We have found that good candidates don’t last long on the market as they get picked up quickly.

According to Seek, some of the major contributors to the reduction of applications include:

  1. Job security – Due to the pandemic, many have felt unsettled with the possibility of being let go as a result of loss of work or tightening budgets. Additionally, many Australians are hesitant to accept positions with other companies as they fear they may be the first to go if Covid numbers were to increase. In fact, 31% of Australians were planning to leave their current companies although decided against it due to the pandemic.
  2. Border closures – International candidates have heavily decreased due to Australia’s international border closures and increased Visa requirements. This has reduced applications significantly, especially for graduate and internship positions.
  3. Increased competition – Due to the reduction of international applicants, local applicants are needed now more than ever. Currently, the choice is in the hands of the candidates when considering positions as there are numerous roles to choose from. This has resulted in higher frequencies of counteroffers and candidates interviewing for multiple roles.
  4. Changing candidate expectations – Due to the pandemic, employee benefits, expectations and priorities have changed. Seek has found that currently the most in-demand benefit is flexible working. Many Australians have had the option of working from home and as such this has altered job seekers’ way of life.

What can we do?

In the current recruitment climate, it is beneficial to focus on the benefits and reasons for candidates to make the change to your company. To do this, we have begun adding a Benefits or “What’s in it for you” section into our job ads. During our interviewing process, our consultants have begun asking prompting questions to gain clear insight into expectations, motivations, needs and the likelihood of the candidate accepting a counteroffer. Lastly, speed and communication are key. We do not want to rush the recruitment process, although it is important to move swiftly to ensure the good candidates aren’t swept away.

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