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5 Helpful Tips to Master the Art of Engagement

  1. Develop Culture And Communication – Employees are more engaged if there is a strong company culture. Producing a positive culture and environment will greatly affect employee motivation and satisfaction. These can be done by promoting transparency and open communication with your staff. Doing this can also make them feel confident and comfortable when sharing their own ideas or opinions and helps them to be more invested in their work.
  2. Frequently Check In With Your Employees – Organising surveys and implementation of a sound feedback system is vital to any company. In addition to mid-year review or quarterly reviews, establishing a weekly formal and/or informal follow up helps executives be aware of what is going on in the business and also helps address any concerns immediately. This also greatly improves the communication and relationship between employees.
  3. Recognition System – It is important to celebrate achievements of employees because it makes them feel valued and appreciated. This as a result, increases their engagement and morale at work. While public recognitions are still effective, creating a recognition program together with a rewards scheme is another great way to stimulate and motivate your staff at work.
  4. Employee Development –Monotonous tasks and duties can make your staff more disengaged and unmotivated. By providing ongoing support towards employee skill development, your employees may become more engaged and feel valued moving into the future.
  5. Create Opportunities For A Meaningful Experience At Work – A company that contributes to society and includes their employees in these events can encourage further engagement in similar interests and beliefs. Encouraging employees to volunteer or participate in fundraising events that the organisation initiates can make them feel fulfilled and inspired.



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