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5 Key Metrics of Staff Engagement

Employee engagement is a hot topic at the moment and basically, it does not revolve around the employee being happy rather, it is their involvement in stimulating and challenging work. This engagement in stimulating and challenging work is one of the key facets of retention and productivity. Find below the five major points associated with this employee engagement:

  1. Leadership: Employees thrive under effective leadership. Who is leading your team? Are they really leading your team?
  2. The Nature of Work: What are your employees actually doing all day every day? Are they contributing to the overall success of the business and do they know where the business is heading? Giving them this basic information can suddenly bring meaning and clarity to what they do.
  3. Communication: It’s basic but people tend to overlook it. Keep the communication up. Tell people what you are thinking as well as asking what they are thinking. It provides that connectedness.
  4. Embracing Change and Technology: Organisations that are at the cutting edge of what they do generally have a more engaged workforce. People want to be associated with a progressive, forward thinking firm.
  5. Take Time out to Celebrate Success: When was the last time you gave yourselves a pat on the back for achieving a good result? Have a team dinner. Go to the go-karts. Just walk up and down the hallway of your office and let people know what has gone on. Provides fantastic esprit de corps.

JP Smith can assist you in assessing your employees engagement via analysis and surveys which can be relatively quick, simple and quite often enjoyable for those responding.

Jamie Smith

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