Our Team

Jamie Smith


BSc (Hons) BPsych

Jamie is a qualified and registered Psychologist who focuses on organisations and industrial settings. He originally started his career as an electrician, qualifying in the mid 90’s and working in Toowoomba and the mines in Mount Isa. After a stint working at Heathrow airport in London (as an electrician), Jamie decided to move on and went on to study a 4 year degree in Psychology at USQ, and his Honours year at Griffith Uni. With over 20 years consulting to Toowoomba, Darling Downs and Brisbane businesses, Jamie provides a tailored HR and Recruitment solution to Toowoomba's business community. His passion is personality profiling, cognitive function testing and looking for individuals who best fit the organisation they are going to.

Jamie is actively involved with his profession and the Toowoomba community. Active support of the local chapter of the Australian Psychological Society goes hand in hand with his community involvement including Rotary and various sporting clubs.




Rachael has completed a Bachelor of Science with a Major in Psychology and has extensive customer service experience. She provides high quality service in a timely manner. Rachael’s professional approach in assisting clients and candidates has been formed from her prior experience. Her study has taught her empathy and the ability to communicate with people to gain a further understanding of their situation. She enjoys working with people and providing assistance wherever possible.




Shane has completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) with a minor in Human Resources from the Queensland University of Technology. With a strong foundation in understanding human behaviour and organisational dynamics, Shane brings a fresh perspective to the field of recruitment and HR. Having honed her skills through four years of valuable customer service experience, Shane excels in building relationships and providing exceptional support to others. With a passion for connecting talented individuals with rewarding opportunities, Shane is dedicated to making a positive impact in the recruitment and HR industry.




Jodi is a registered psychologist with a background in organisational psychology, employment services, and occupational rehabilitation.  Moving to Toowoomba from Brisbane 16 years ago for a new job, Jodi got more than she expected, also finding a husband and going on to raise a young family here. With her children all at school now, Jodi has returned to work as a psychologist with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to helping people thrive in organisational settings. With a keen interest in psychological assessment, Jodi seeks to ensure people’s personality, abilities, and vocational interests fit their work environment, encouraging happy and productive individuals and workplaces. Jodi brings a practical, common-sense approach to her work; based on a solid foundation of masters degree qualifications in organisational psychology, over ten years relevant employment experience, and a genuine interest in helping people at both an individual and organisational level.