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5 Tips to Get the Right people Applying and Committing

Attracting staff (and getting them to commit) is as hard as it has ever been. In the post-Covid world, we as recruiters are finding it exceptionally challenging - and that is our core business! We can only imagine how difficult it is for everyone else. However, there are some simple ways where you can increase your success.  


  1. Your Ad. When you write your job advertisement, don't make it a position description. Talk about the features and benefits of your business and also what's in it for the candidate. Make sure you present a balanced view and keep it real. 

  2. Your Job Board. We don't particularly like using Facebook for a number of reasons, but a lot of clients who we deal with, have had success with it. Have you tried it? If not, it might be worth looking at. 

  3. Your Response. When a candidate applies, get in touch with them as soon as possible. Don't leave it for a couple of days. Good people are organised, and on the ball, and they want an employer who is the same. If you procrastinate, you will most likely lose those people.

  4. Your Data. Have an employee registration form. It's a good habit to get into from a HR perspective. Email it out to the candidate before they come along for their interview with you. Get all their demographic information and their signature on your privacy statement. If you haven't got one, you need to get one. Remember you are holding people's personal information. But it also shows that you are organised and have systems.

  5. Your Business. At interview, make sure you tell the person all about your organisation and where it's heading along with their role and what part they fit into. Then, spend some time really exploring what they want to achieve. A good candidate is going to want to do meaningful work and make a difference and if you can explore this, not only will they see you interested in them, but you will be creating a synergy.
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