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6 Things to Look for in a Resume

With an abundance of jobseekers and multiple applications to review, save yourself time by keeping these six things in mind when reviewing a CV:

  1. Consistency of work: Has the person moved around a lot over their recent career, only staying in a job for 18 months at a time and changing industries often? This is often a sign that they are not committed or become bored easily and you will likely find them leaving your workplace within a similar time frame.
  2. Gaps in employment: Sometimes a gap in employment can reveal something interesting about a person. Were they hiking through the remote trails of Nepal or did they actually work somewhere else that they have omitted? Regardless, you need to look for gaps in employment and further investigate if they otherwise look to be a solid candidate.
  3. Do they have the core skills required?: Don’t dismiss candidates who have been working in a different industry or even out of the workforce for a few years. Perhaps some diversity will add value to the role and organisation provided they have the core skills you are looking for. For example, a candidate who has been working at Woolworths in Customer Service is an excellent option for an administration role because of the first rate training and people skills they would have developed working for a national firm.
  4. Voluntary/community work and interest/hobbies: Do these align with the values of your organisation? More importantly, do they have interests outside of work which will see them achieving a good work/life balance and therefore being their best selves at work?
  5. Previous employers: Look for reputable employers where they would have gained first-rate skills and experience. Are they in a complimentary industry where they may be able to provide insight into how you can grow your business or do things differently?
  6. Accuracy and written communication skills: Perhaps the most critical thing to look for is whether they have proof-read their resume for accuracy. This is particularly important for Administration roles, but it also gives you a great picture of how they are able to communicate and get their point across, in general. 

Shortlisting can be a lengthy process but by keeping these critical points in mind, you will find that you can reduce applications down to a manageable amount quite quickly. For any assistance or to engage our shortlisting service so you can focus on the things that make you money, please contact our team on (07) 4659 7400 or (07) 3333 2200.

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