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6 Top Tips to Having a Happy and Productive Workplace

  1. Be friendly to your employees. Say hello as you pass them and when you ask them to do something, say please and thank you. You don’t have to be their best friend, just be personal. Too many employers don't do this. It's important for your employees to feel like you value their contributions. Hold team meetings regularly and allow them to give input as to things that the company could be doing better. The biggest thing is to value them and let them know that you value them. 
  2. In today's work environment, humor isn't an option, it's necessary. When employees clown around, they're not wasting valuable time; they're using one of the few tools available to increase group spirit. Laughter may not change negative situations, but it can certainly help people get through it. 
  3. Work successfully with people. No matter how much time you spend with coworkers, customers, or clients, one of the attributes of a successful employee is working well with others. In fact, success at work is based not as much on your technical knowledge and skills - although they are very important - but on your ability to work effectively with others. 
  4. Learning to keep up employee morale is a very important part of running a successful business. If your employees are happy, they will make your customers happy, and this will grow your business. On the other hand, when your employees have low morale, they may have an uncaring attitude that will ultimately drive your customers away. 
  5. Fair benefits and pay are a very important part of a successful company that recruits and retains loyal workers. If you provide a healthy wage for your employees, you can then work on motivational issues. Without a healthy wage however, you risk losing your best people to a better-paying employer. 
  6. One thing you can do to make sure you know what’s happening to your employees is to improve your HR team. The HR department is the closest point of contact your employees have to reach the big boss. If you have a HR department who truly cares about your personnel, surely your employees will feel taken care of. 
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