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Advantages of Temp Recruitment

Recruitment consultancies and agencies are usually one of two types; they either specialise in permanent recruitment or temporary recruitment. Some companies, such as JP Smith Recruitment & HR, specialise in both.

Permanent recruitment strives to give you that peace of mind and commitment from both the new employee and the recruiter who placed them. Finding the right person to be a mainstay in your organisation has countless pros.

However, sometimes, permanent recruitment isn’t what you need, particularly if you only need the help short-term or you’re unsure if the candidate is a good fit for the role and the company. That’s where temporary recruitment comes in. By employing the candidate ourselves, we, the Recruitment Agency can effectively ‘lease’ the employee to you, allowing you to:

  1. get a feel for the candidate and assess suitability, and
  2. put someone on to help out without having to pay severance, insurance, training and other associated costs.

At JP Smith, we believe in finding that fit between the candidate and the employer and fostering a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. However, temp recruitment is sometimes just a better option.  We still engage in interviewing the candidate and doing a  thorough set of reference checks,  so you know the quality will be there.

So bottom line:  there is a time and a place for short or medium term solutions rather than long-term commitments. And don't think you are doing your temp a disservice by not offering permanent. The majority of temps we talk with prefer to work this way. They might be moving away shortly, saving up for travel, or plan to go to university soon and don't want a long-term commitment. A mutually beneficial arrangement that has a good HR framework and is commercially sound and fair to all parties.

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