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AI and Passive Candidates

In Recruitment jargon, a “Passive Candidate” is one who is currently employed, isn’t actively seeking work, but would be open to discussing opportunities with employers. The majority of the workforce are considered to be Passive Candidates, at least 80% in some industries. One of the conundrums of a Recruiter is finding these candidates, making contact and gathering information about them, for the purpose of joining them with you, the client.

In comes AI. By analysis of the length of time someone has been in a job, financial state of their company and levels of national/international markets, along with a number of other variables, a computer can predict, with reasonable accuracy, how likely it is that a candidate would be open to a new opportunity. The AI can be tweaked so that it also includes the necessary requirements of a specific role in its search, so that the “right” candidate can be sourced in record time.

This is still relatively new tech. However, in this current age, technology progresses at an impressive rate. Who knows what other technologies will be available in coming years?  There are AI "add ins" that you can use in your business right now for sub $10 per month that will help you with candidate attraction and selection. Have you explored all there is?

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