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Appropriate Telephone Manners

The first contact between a company and their prospective employee more often than not is via a telephone call. The way you answer a call can sometimes have a lasting effect on the caller. So if you have recently applied for a job and an unknown number is displayed on your phone, keep in mind that this could be that job. Answer politely and say your name so that there is no confusion from the outset. If you are in a loud place, try and find a quiet area to talk so you are not distracted or mishear the information. It is also important to have some paper and a pen handy, to jot down any notes, for example an address and time for your interview. Sometimes companies may conduct a mini phone interview, so if you have been applying for jobs, make sure you know which job is which and be aware of some answers to come up with. There is nothing worse than asking, “Now, which job is this?”. Make sure you ask enough questions to know who, when and where you are meeting.

Another aspect of the phone you need to worry about is your voicemail. Make sure it is an appropriate greeting, stating who’s phone it is and to leave a name and number. The next important part of this idea is to CHECK your voicemail if you have been notified that you have some. Be prompt with your return phone call.

These couple of tips may just help secure a good first impression, which is always a great start to any interview process. 

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