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Best Practice in Recruitment – Job Descriptions

The process of Recruitment begins with attraction then recruitment and selection, and finally retention.

In order to attract the right candidate to the position in your company you need to have a clear job description. A job description allows you to formulate information and context for your prospective employees; devise suitable advertising; and develop interview questions. Without a job description you have a weak foundation from which to conduct an effective recruitment exercise.

Job descriptions should describe the following:

  • organisation;
  • job title;
  • job context and summary;
  • relationships;        
  • tasks,duties and responsibilities;
  • task dimensions;
  • importance of the different tasks;
  • knowledge,skills, abilities and other characteristics required; and 
  • criteria for job success.

Once a suitable employee is selected in the job description will be beneficial in employee orientation and induction. It will also help establish a framework for employee job performance standards, goal setting and tracking of organisational goals and performance reviews and in developing and maintaining equitable and competitive compensation programs.

The Job Description will need to be updated over time as the company progresses or the position changes.

If you have any questions about Recruitment and Selection or Human Resource Management issues please don’t hesitate to contact us. At JP Smith our experienced HR Consultants can support you in a number of key areas of Human Resources and Recruitment.

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