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Best Practice Recruitment – The Finishing Touches!

You have been through the arduous task of sifting through resumes, you have shortlisted and you have narrowed it down to one candidate. Congratulations! All you have to do is wait for said candidate to turn up on the day, right? Wrong. Best practice recruitment does not stop once the letter of offer has been signed. Below you will find some helpful suggestions, to ensure your business benefits from providing those finishing touches:

For your new recruit:

  • A Welcome Pack – given prior to commencement, containing information on; key contacts, work attire and parking for example. This avoids confusion, overloading of information and resulting confusion
  • Policies & Procedures – need to be accessible; staff need an early awareness of who grievances can be directed to. 
  • Formal Inductions – scheduled for early stages of employment. Includes information on; job description, expectations, payroll documentation, site tours, employment policies, safety and security, key managers and relationships.

For your business:

  •  Direct Supervisors/Manager- inform of the new staff members strengths and possible weaknesses, allowing for increased productivity immediately. 
  •  Resources- undertake adjustments to the workplace so that the necessary tools, aids and equipment are available. 

Whether, you found all of these points worthwhile or merely one, implementing change is important. These finishing touches will set you apart from other companies, improve integration, employer branding and staff retention, and demonstrate a first class approach from start to finish. 

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