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Campaigning for a Job

Campaigning for a job, though different to campaigning for an electoral position, is similar in some ways! In both instances you have to be proactive and put yourself out there so that you can be identified, analysed and decided upon. However, thankfully in campaigning for a job you do not need to be engrossed in a large project operation with budgeting and coordinating of personnel to assist you. You do need to have focus, strong persistence and attention to detail, especially in the early stage of application and resume presentation!

Here are some current tips applicable to the Australian job market:

Your application should comprise of -

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Resume
  3. Statement of Capability Against Job Requirements (Not always necessary, usually for jobs with government and large organisations)

Key features of an effective resume -

  • Approximately 3 pages long;
  • Mainly in point form, keep paragraphs short, sharp and punchy with necessary details;
  • Market yourself to the specific employer/industry by talking in the language of the business you are applying to (refer to job advert/description);
  • Use specific past evidence (list relevant skills, strengths and knowledge acquired) to persuade the employer of future capabilities;
  • No spelling or grammar errors;
  • Make appropriate use of bold, underlining and italics, but don’t overdo it;
  • Be consistent in the use of headings, margins and tabs;
  • Place dates (years spent in the role) in the left margin as a general rule;
  • Ensure your name appears in the header or footer of each page;
  • Number the pages of your resume; and
  • Edit and re-edit.

Furthermore, make sure you research the organisation for further understanding and knowledge, which will help in your job campaign!

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