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Come Prepared – 4 Activities to Attract and Retain Skilled Staff

  1. If you’re recruiting again, know why!

If an employee has resigned, it’s time to ASK. Conduct an Exit Interview with the departing employee and ask what worked well, what didn’t and why they are moving on. Don’t let history repeat itself.

  1. Assess what is working from your perspective.

Review the current workforce. What is it about your highest performing staff that makes them so effective? What is it that has kept your long-term employees dedicated to your organisation? Are there some common factors you can look for in future recruitment?

  1. What do your staff think?

With the aim of both attracting the right candidates and retaining them, staff surveys can be an invaluable business strategy. Find out what makes your staff tick and use this knowledge to motivate and ensure they are fulfilled in their role. Likewise, if there are areas to improve, you know where to focus your efforts on staff satisfaction.

  1. Use this information to guide recruitment.

Promote the positives and consider the challenges when sourcing candidates for long-term employment. If you and your staff value a collective culture, social events and teamwork – don’t skip over this detail! Confidently inform candidates of what’s on offer and assess areas of caution. For example, your work culture might value team collaboration, but does this role realistically require quite a lot of independent work?


Being well-informed to make evidence-based decisions will give you a head start in the successful retention and recruitment of skilled staff in the future. It is common for these skilled staff to have expectations of their employer, as their employer would have of them. Come to the table prepared. Or talk to us today about how we can get you prepared for success.

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