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Communication is Key

Keeping your staff aware of what is happening within your business can go a long way to making them feel valued and keeping them focused on business goals. By conducting weekly meetings where everyone sits down for about 20 minutes you can bring your team together to form that “we’re all in this together” bond and you can help communicate important information that everyone needs to hear. Topics for discussion can include;

  1. What is on for the week – Keep everyone on track by discussing what the main projects for the week are.
  2. Company direction – Remind your staff why they are there and what the purpose of your company is.
  3. Goals for the near future – What are your targets for the next few months? Where do you want the company to go?
  4. Question time – Open the floor to your staff and ask them if they have any questions or things that need clarifying. This will help to keep everyone on the same page.

Building a community within you organisation will help people to feel valued and secure in their role. Even for companies where staff are divided into different departments, this can help bring the team together and let them know that there is a network of support.

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