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Creating a Positive Environment in the Workplace

Are you striving towards having that dream close-knit workplace where the environment is bright and your employees think it’s the best?

The American Psychological Association mentioned ‘employee recognition’ among a list of “practices that help create a healthy and productive work environment” (APA, 2023). ‘Celebrate success’ is also mentioned in an article James Cook University published in 2021. It’s definitely a practice we at JP Smith like to utilise.

We often celebrate our successes via email, though this isn’t always the case. Responding to your staff with a simple ‘That was a great email’ or ‘This is a great result team’ can be really valued. Meeting a certain level of achievement will also see our office celebrate as a team with a big bowl of popcorn - the ‘popcorn moment’, something that our team value (not just for the popcorn) and a small action that creates that positive environment.

We encourage you to think about little ways you can make your colleagues' day that bit brighter and a little better.

Take the time now to think of ONE simple way you can celebrate your teams' next achievement.

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