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EAP’s: 5 Things you need to know for Improving Corporate Wellbeing

Employee Assistance Program’s (EAP’s) are an innovative and useful tool in establishing a supportive network for yourself and your staff. EAP’s are confidential and have extraordinary benefits for the workplace, however the best EAP is one that is implemented properly and tailored to the needs of your organisation.  Whether it be interpersonal issues between staff members or addressing declining staff productivity or low morale, the need for individual and group-based employee assistance programs is rising.  It may be that your company is lacking cohesiveness or that energetic spark. Whatever your needs may be, EAPs are a critical tool in building communication and enhancing your business.  So here are 5 things you need to know about EAP’s:

  • Make it right for you: They can address and be targeted to a variety of issues, and can focus on employee and overall organisational health and wellbeing by incorporating employee wellness programs. These needs may range from weight loss to smoking cessation.  In other words, it is very important to have an idea of your organisational needs.  EAP’s can include fitness and wellbeing activities, workshops, group therapy and team building, or all of these!!  What’s important is assessing the situation and having a great EAP in place that works for you.
  • They can be an excellent way to check the overall attitudes, wellbeing and staff morale: EAP’s create a solid foundation for opening communication channels between yourself and your staff by means of a 3rd party. They have the ability to address sensitive topics and create plans to enhance productivity and customer service and care.  As staff wellbeing is critical to the overall efficiency and functioning of your business, a well structured EAP can cover those issues you might be overwhelmed by or need a hand with.
  • Improve relationships in your team: It will enhance the working professional relationships within your company.  Your EAP might be the exact management tool in place that will address those concerns preventing the efficacy of your staff, from trauma management to grief counselling or employee burn-out.
  • They are a fantastic social support system for both you and your staff: Don’t wait until issues arise, have an EAP provider and support network in place that accommodates you and your staff.
  • Make sure your staff are aware of your EAP: Advertise in your staff newsletter or weekly emails, make sure your staff know who to go to, and that support is there, in all its forms through your company EAP! If you’re not sure of your staff’s preference to an EAP,  a staff survey or feedback sheet about where they may need support, are great ideas in finding a suitable program for you and one that you know will be of benefit to your organisation.
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