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Employment in 2018

2018 has been a tumultuous year for employment relations, HR and the business world in general. From numerous royal commissions, to nigh-uncountable, smaller changes to awards and employment standards, you’d be forgiven if you weren’t quite up to date, even here in December. Below, and in later articles, we’ve collated a few of the changes that could affect your business, but there’s only so much information that can be conveyed through a newsletter.

There's been the concerns over casuals and their entitlement to permanant work. There have been numerous adjustments to awards and tweaks to the system and the eroding of EBA's. As always, the minimum wage was raised in July; it is now $18.93 an hour, or $719.20 per week. Penalty rates have also been changed for retail, hospitality, and pharmacy employees.

Remember, the #1 authority for all things Industrial Relations is the Fair Work system and they have some great info and resources here:

If you would like help navigating this area or are after more information, JP Smith can provide HR consultations for you and your business.

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