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Five Interesting Facts About Awards

Awards are known to be a complex but essential part of business life. 

Here are five points about awards you may find interesting:

  1. The introduction of Modern Awards took place in 2010. The new and revised awards were intended to provide a more comprehensive structure and classifications for more occupations. There are impacts on the pay rates and conditions of employment for many employees – the transitional period for pay rates under some Modern Awards ends in July 2014. 
  2. There is a Miscellaneous Award covering on-hire or labour hire employees and those companies that provide labour hire to other companies. This is a wide net and can apply to employees who provide training in particular vocations. If you have an employee who does not seem to fit into a more specific award, it may be that they are a covered under this one. 
  3. The Professional Award, deceivingly, does not cover all professionals. The award is targeted at professionals who have tertiary qualifications in engineering, information technology, scientific streams and quality auditing. Although the award sets minimum wage requirements, it is common for the market rates to be much higher. 
  4. Modern Awards do not apply to some managers or general employees, who earn more than $123,000 a year.    
  5. Job search entitlements apply when your employee falls within both award schemes and you have given notice of termination. The employee is entitled to one day off, without loss of pay, to seek new employment. 

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