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Five, no-nonsense tips, that will ensure you instil best practice in your recruitment operations.

Sourcing focuses on activities to attract both passive and active candidates.  As the quality of the applicants will depend on the quality of the recruitment practices in place, ensuring best practice throughout the recruiting process is paramount. From initial advertising through to screening processes, attracting high quality candidates and indeed, the right candidate for the role, is a shared goal across organisations.

Ensuring a positive experience for all involved is crucial, so here are a few considerations for ensuring Best Practice:

  • Attract As Many Quality Candidates as Possible: This can be achieved by using advertisements that are appealing, well written, present a realistic expectation of the role and seek to attract candidates of a high quality;
  • Employ Job analysis: This involves not only determining the knowledge and skills required to perform in a particular role, but also the attributes that can be used to assess ‘cultural fit’ within an organisation.
  • Consider the Position: Consider both the challenges and positives the role entails, and the areas of need the successful candidate will aim to fulfil.
  • Highlight the value of your business: When advertising for a position, be aware you are also advertising your business; therefore, clearly communicate and highlight the values and internal culture of your business;        
  • Be Clear of the role and your expectations: Clarity is key!! Not only regarding the role and responsibilities of the position, but outline your expectations of the successful candidates, including attributes and personal qualities;  
  • Provide a positive experience: It is essential to ensure the recruitment experience is positive; Particularly for the applicant, the recruitment process will set the tone for how they view the organisation.

Quality, positivity and professionalism should be some of the key goals throughout sourcing and should be maintained throughout all stages of recruitment.  This will ensure a fit between the candidate and your business, which over time will increase the productivity and satisfaction of you and your staff!!

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