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How Do You Create the Perfect Dream Team?

Every individual’s personality is unique, and everyone has their values and principles that they stand by. As you are no doubt aware, effective and efficient teams are the foundation of every successful organisation. Therefore, how do you create your own “Perfect Dream Team”?

  • Diversify – Build a team consisting of people from different backgrounds, ages, experiences and more. A diverse team always leads to positive changes and an increase in creativity and innovation.
  • Set up expectations on their first day – Establish ground rules and tell them your expectations. This lets new employees understand and adapt smoothly to your work environment.
  • Communicate – Solid and effective communication keeps working relationships strong, so always find ways or activities to maintain connection within your team.
  • Encourage with Positivity - Positive reinforcement is a far more valuable way of motivating team performance than embarrassing them.
  • Celebrate Success – Celebrating milestones and success brings the team together and allows everyone to discern that when they work together, amazing things can happen.

We also suggest our Emotional Intelligence Workshop service: The EQ Teams Program. Its objective is to recognise the team dynamic, deliver insightful strategies and create a valuable approach to improve and enhance teamwork. The overall results from the EQ Teams program could help develop individuals, teams and cultures so that they can acclimatise and engage, no matter what challenges or difficulties they experience. 

If you are interested or would like to know more, email, or call us on (07) 4659 7400.

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