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How to Make Your Organisation Appeal to the Candidate

A Politician is a representation of their political party, and not only are they campaigning for themselves, but also for their party and their party’s beliefs. When voting for a Political Leader, the public are looking at what the party are offering them, through their leader of choice. When a candidate is looking for a job, they are in the same frame of mind. Not only do you personally, as an employer want to appeal to the candidate as a great boss, your organisation needs to provide additional benefits, so you are seen as an ‘employer of choice’, which will entice people to work for your organisation. Below are some tips on how to create a positive organisation and workplace:

  • Create a positive atmosphere by obliterating any bullying and harassment by having strong policies in place and zero tolerance to this behaviour;
  • Provide extracurricular activities for your team. Arrange after-work drinks at the local pub, or, better yet, at the workplace. Team dinners and social clubs also prove to be highly successful in creating a positive workplace. Organising a guest speaker once or twice a year at a dinner is also a great incentive for workers to stay behind and socialise. Outside of work, encourage sporting teams to be created.
  • Create a reward system. Whether it is for a good worker, or a record month for a team, make sure you acknowledge success, and promote it. Christmas bonuses are also a great idea. This doesn’t have to be monetary either; it can be in the form of a hamper or the like.

By creating a positive and social workplace, your current employee satisfaction will increase, leading to more effective retention, which will also make attracting new staff easier.

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