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How to really irritate your interviewer …

There is a lot of information out there providing tips on how to impress in an interview and what to do when dealing with a potential employer. Everyone always says, “leave an impression” and “make yourself known”, but please make sure you, “leave an impression” for the right reasons. 

Here are some examples of how you can stand out for the wrong reasons, aka, ‘how to really irritate your interviewer’. 

  • When asked, what sort of work are you looking for and you answer “anything”, really think about what you’re saying. Would you honestly be willing to direct traffic? Mow lawns? Do payroll for 350 people? Type in data all day? 
  • Be completely vague in your responses. An interview is not a mind game, so don’t think that you’re in competition to withhold as much information as possible. If someone asks you a question, chances are they want a real and honest answer. Even if it is not the correct answer, honesty is better than nothing. 
  • Slouch. If you’re too comfortable, than clearly something is going wrong. 
  • Ask just as many questions of the interviewer as being asked of you. An interview is not a first date. Rapport is one thing, but if you come out knowing more about the interviewer than about the job, you may need to tone it back for the next time.

And the number one way to really annoy in an interview…

  • Update your scent right before walking in. This includes perfume, cologne, cigarette and hairspray. Most interviews are conducted in a closed room environment so your scent could easily overpower everything else. Remember, how nice you smell won’t get you a job; however how overpowering you smell may prevent it.

When recruiters and employers interview a large number of people, the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful applicant may seem quite petty in the big picture and while this list may be confronting, it may also be the reason why you weren’t successful with that last job application?

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