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How to Use Social Media as a Tool for Recruitment

Social media is an increasingly important aspect of today’s business environment. Having an online presence is essential for companies to reach a wider market, as other means of advertising, such as newspapers, are becoming obsolete. As the world of business is more technology-focused than ever, maintaining online connections with your people, can set you up for future trends and changes.

In terms of the recruitment process, an effective social media profile is able to engage followers and provide them with information about your company and what you can offer them. Candidates can view your social media profiles to be made aware of career progression opportunities, customer feedback, or even to connect with past employees.

The top social media platforms used for business purposes tend to be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. These platforms act as a means of sharing activities, events, advertising and are increasingly being used for recruitment purposes. While it may not be as common to recruit via social media, it is important for organisations to portray an image to potential candidates that entice them to want to work for them.

How can social media platforms be beneficial to the recruitment process?:

  • They are a great way of showcasing your company culture
  • Can potentially widen your target audience
  • Generally easy to navigate and update
  • Cost effectiveness – it’s free, so why not?

Here at JP Smith, we take pride in using platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with the public and to increase our exposure.

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