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HR Audits - 5 reasons why you should do an HR Audit

Human Resources Audits are done so that companies know where they stand in regards to current legal requirements as well as best practice. Simply put, HR audits are an assessment of policy and procedure. It is a check-up that will explore all areas of the company to identify areas that need improvement and also to confirm the areas that are compliant, with ways to improve even further.

Below are five reasons why doing a HR audit could be beneficial for your company:

  1. Provides your business with a clear indication of where it stands with the current legislation;

  2. Highlights specific opportunities for change to improve by comparing existing practices to current legal requirements;

  3. Clarifies correct procedures for those areas that you are unsure of;

  4. Reduces area for risk, thereby saving you time and money; and

  5. The audit report also delivers recommendations to help you achieve best practice, over and above legal compliance.

A HR audit is something that every organisation should consider if they employ staff. You need to make sure that you are within the letter of the law.

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