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Improving Staff Retention & Talent Attraction

Retaining your top performers can be a tricky task, especially in today’s competitive recruitment environment. However by paying close attention to four key areas of job satisfaction, you could significantly reduce the odds of losing your most valuable team member to a more retention focused competitor. JP Smith Recruitment and HR are here to help you attract and retain talent. 

A Robert Half International (RHI) study revealed four key aspects that are most influential in grading the level of job satisfaction which are at the top of the list for employees who are deciding on their career. These are: 

  1. Compensation and Benefits: By offering fair competitive salaries you will remain attractive to your employees. If your salaries have not been steadily rising due to demand, they may be worth reviewing. JP Smith offer advice on current market salary expectations and annual salary guides. Benefits are also highly regarded by employees, and with demographic changes in the workplace it seems that offering a one-size fits all benefits package may not be sufficient to meet employee expectations. By considering a more flexible array of benefits which employees can choose from, employees will more feel valued and recognise the employer understand that each staff member is treated as an individual.
  2. Work Environment: A supportive, positive workplace is desired by all employees and for many it is the top attribute when it comes to evaluating companies. An enjoyable, comfortable environment at work where employees are given their voice has a beneficial impact for all. Employees feel valued and engaged, providing support to colleagues, as well as demonstrating the greatest loyalty and performance. As for rewarding and retaining your most talented people, it is vital to recognise their contributions and achievements as well as demonstrating you appreciate their input.
  3. Career Development and Advancement: The potential for continuous learning and career progression is another decision maker in accepting or remaining in a position. In response, employers are improving career development activities and enhancing training allowances. The most effective employers in this area are those who are attentive to the professional needs and career aspirations of each employee.
  4. Work/Life Balance: It is common knowledge that many struggle to find a healthy balance between personal life and professional responsibilities. Again offering a flexible work schedule may be highly valued by employees. 

Competition for top performers will always remain intense. Consider how you could improve these key factors of job satisfaction to retain your current champions or how you could attract the hottest talent in the market for up and coming positions, before your competition snaps them up. For further advice and information on retention and attracting talent, please don’t hesitate to call JP Smith and one of our dedicated HR specialist or recruiters will be more than happy to help.

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