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Interviewing – The Do’s and Don’ts

As a Recruitment and HR service, it is our job to ask the right questions at the right time. As we interview on behalf of our clients, we need to ensure that criteria is met and our analysis of suitability is accurate.

The Top 3 Interview Do’s

  1. DO ensure an objective and quantitative approach to interviewing. Our service is not based off opinion but rather scoring and facts. Our use of skills testing and psychological testing can provide hard evidence of an individuals work patterns and abilities.
  2. DO ask the right questions. We find out the details that can be hard to ask, such as reasons from moving on from past employers and what drives the candidate stay with a company for the long term.
  3. DO ensure a diverse and equal opportunity. It is highly important to ensure that all candidates are provided with equal opportunities for positions no matter the difference.

The Top 3 Interview Don’ts

  1. DON’T ask discriminatory questions or pry into personal life and arrangements. Although it is important to ensure that the candidate will be able to handle the work/life balance that the company can offer, it is not appropriate to ask questions that discriminate against others. It is discriminatory to base judgement off areas such as race, age, gender, parental status, etc.
  2. DON’T change the core interview questions. When interviewing for a position we compile a set of questions that are asked to each candidate. This is a technique used to assist in quantitative “scoring” of suitability. Without continuity; subjectivity and unfairness can creep in.
  3. DON’T forget to inform the candidate of the next stages. We believe that good recruitment is all about communication. It is important to keep candidates in the loop and manage expectations by clearly stating how the interviewing process will progress.
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