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Is Your Leadership Team Ready for 2017?

Christmas is already upon us and before too long we will be stepping back into the office in January to commence a new working year. Many of us have plans in place as to how we will grow profitability in 2017 however, are your leaders and managers best positioned for success? Why not put them to the test?

Often, people move into leadership and management positions based on their technical experience and ability to perform. People can move into very advanced leadership roles however, without undergoing specific leadership training or guidance in how to best manage the people around them. These managers are usually great at the technical aspects of the role, however they can have deficiencies in certain areas such as delegating, building strong work relationships, managing stress or strategic planning.

Using a 360 degree leadership development tool is a great way to put your leaders through an “effectiveness fitness test” and what better time to do this than the beginning of a new year. It will identify the areas where they are performing well as well as those areas where they need to focus on for development. Most tools are designed to take a leader’s performance to the next level by providing constructive feedback on the individual’s attitude, behaviour and performance and setting priorities for improvement. Leaders are assessed by their managers, peers and direct reports across a series of questions assessing their overall effectiveness in the role. The individual is then provided with a comprehensive report outlining specifically what they are doing well, what they need to improve on and perhaps what they should do less of. Often a 360° review will be repeated 12 months later, to assess the individual’s progress in the developmental areas and to devise a new set of priorities to focus on going forward. 

JP Smith is an accredited facilitator of the Hogan 360° Report, one of the best tools used by key industry players including Toyota, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, General Electric, Qantas, NAB and McDonalds to assess their leaders. Its foundations are based in transformational leadership, which incorporates the building of trust in others, acting with integrity, inspiring and encouraging others and coaching people. If you are wondering how your leadership team can drive the business forward in 2017 and get better results, this is a great place to start. If you would like to know how the Hogan 360 can be facilitated in your business in the New Year, or for a full list of the HR Consulting services offered by JP Smith, please call us on (07) 4659 7400 or visit our website  /services/hr-services/

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